Evaluation and Criteria

Note: The program is closed to new applications

Each applicant will be evaluated for selection based upon information provided in the Application and during the personal interview, including educational background, grades, written statement, previous experience, and where and how the applicant intends to practice.

Reviewers will use the following criteria* to evaluate applications. It is especially important for applicants to show they understand the unique characteristics and oral health needs of the area they intend to serve.

Core Selection Criteria (1-3) All applicants must meet the core criteria.

1. Quality of Overall Application

  • Complete and Detailed Information in Application
  • Clear Goals and Commitment to rural, and/or underserved populations
  • Willingness to participate in Give Kids a Smile, Donated Dental Services, and/ or MN Mission of Mercy
  • Fit with Program Purpose:
  • Proposes to increase availability of care in a qualifying city or town within a Dental Health Professional Shortage Area

2. Previous Experience

Education Background:

  • Grades
  • Achievements and Recognition
  • Exposure to Community / Rural Dentistry
  • Plans to Provide General Dentistry Services
  • Community Experience:
  • Volunteer
  • Community Services and Involvement

3. Practice Setting

  • Description of opportunity, needs and plan
  • Understanding of addressing needs in rural and/or public patient care settings
  • Potential for providing full-time general dentistry, and increasing access to care
  • Feasibility for being able to meet full-time, 5-year commitment

Additional Criteria (4-5) Special review consideration will be given to applicants that meet the following additional criteria. These items are optional and are not required of all applicants.

4. Geographic Area Priorities

Proposes to practice in a) Southern Minnesota with a priority for Winona, Faribault, or Nobles Counties, or b) proposes to practice in Stearns, Wadena, Aitkin, Morrison, Norman, Pennington, Pine, Swift, or Todd Counties.

5. Additional Program Priorities

  • Demonstrates a long-term commitment to the proposed practice area;
  • Demonstrates experience and ability to work with diverse populations;
  • Demonstrates a willingness to embrace emerging workforce and delivery models;
  • Has held a dental license for five (5) or fewer years;
  • Proposes to be involved in additional local community dental events or collaborative programs.

*Please note that applicants meeting any or all of the criteria are not guaranteed receipt of an award. The DMD Selection Committee and Delta Dental of MN Foundation reserves the right to determine the recipient of any award, and to do so in their sole discretion.